The ProOpt system

The ProOpt system is a revolutionary business intelligence tool for metallurgical plant management and process optimization. By combining enhanced flow sheet modelling with thorough data gathering, validation, and analysis, it opens several opportunities to improve the plant performance.

Keeping everyone up to speed

everyoneWith customized dashboards, every employee at every department of the plant is kept up to speed. A greater personal involvement is achieved by the ability to observe the impact of one’s own decisions or the combined performance of their team. The same validated numbers are used for decision making in the entire company.

The CEO gets quick updates on his performance KPI dashboard, while operators can have access to the plant overview just as easily as to their process controls. The process engineer can finally spend time on analysing the correlations and the potential return of modifications, rather than spending it on gathering and cleaning the data. On top of that, any missing or unrealistic data is quickly detected and modified, and in critical cases, the responsible for data entry will be notified by email or text message.

Process and flowsheet modelling

ProOpt systemThe central part of the ProOpt system is a flowsheet model. This ensures a closed mass and energy balance, as well as realistic and coherent assumptions on throughput volumes and yields.

Building a reliable model is a core competence of the ProOpt team, and is part of the installation and deployment of the system. Our experience with industry standard packages ensures a quick and adaptive implementation.

Knowledge management

By integrating models and actual performance data, the central flowsheet model is constantly improving. This leads to accurate predictions of the response to changes outside the known operating window. Moreover, centralized process knowledge can easily be leveraged upon across departments:

  • Purchasing: assess the treatment cost of new raw materials
  • Management: define and analyse bottlenecks
  • Engineering: see induced impact on other plant sections
  • Production: select the best control setting

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