ProOpt International is technology company providing software solutions for process optimization. Our flagship tools, ProOpt Advisor and ProOpt Material Management, are revolutionary tools improving operational performance.

Decisions are optimized, quicker, and more consistent, by providing the right information to the right person at the right time. By combining live data from different sources and a digital twin, data is interpreted and put into context, such that accurate recommendations are made. The modules help our customers to optimize operational parameters, adapt mixes, improve energy efficiency, increase quality, and reduce errors. Within this new industry 4.0 environment, stability and flexibility are no longer contradictory. 


The secret of ProOpt International is the combination of experiences IT and application domain experts. This is of big value for our development, and even more during implementation. Indeed our multidisciplinary team allows us to understand your challenges, both on the process and operational side, as well as on the IT side.

IT Specialists

Our developers have built a scalable and secure framework, which can be deployed and maintained without hiccups on-premise or in the cloud. The modules can be readily configured to suit your specific needs.

Our team has decades of experience with data collection, cleansing, processing and reporting in automated processes, and the development of user friendly and effective network applications. They are focused on delivering tools that have a measurable impact, and empower the users.

Topic Experts

Understanding production, with its technical, scientific, as well as human challenges, is a prerequisite to implement tools that have an impact on decisions and the company’s bottom line. Modelling the process’ mass and energy balance is the basis for optimization of the operational strategy.

Whether the target is to increase throughput, environmental performance, flexibility or product quality, it is a big help to work with people who understand your business. Our team currently consists of experts focused on metallurgy, mining, high temperature processes, recycling, and specialist materials production. In our implementation projects, the topic experts start by mapping the knowledge available from your organization and their own experience and secure it in a system. This common understanding provides a solid basis for better decisions.


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